The single and video „Winterhold“ from our current album. Consider checking it out, you might like it!


Lunacy Gone Astray – one of the best albums 2021

Lunacy Gone Astray was selected as one of the best albums 2021 in Hellfire magazine!

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Our music video „Death to the Ice Witch“ from our first EP Frostbitten.


Sheogorath is video games blended with philosophy and surrounded by fantasy, embedded in melodic Black-Heavy-Death-Thrash-Metal… Let‘s just call it video games metal.

„You will always get a surprise, but you will always get Sheogorath quality“

Sheogorath was founded by Matej Kollar (Irkalla, ex – Synthesis) as a solo project with the ambition to record his musical ideas apart from any band involvement in Vienna winter 2013. Patrick David Pazour (ex – Satanic Cockrockers), a long-term friend, soon joined the band as vocalist and lyricist. The line-up since then has been and still is Matej (guitars) and Patrick (lyrics and vocals). Sheogorath has since then released a demo Far Beyond the Winter Realm – 2014, an EP Frostbitten – 2016 and finally their first full length album Blackthology – 2017. Our second full length album The Feeble and the Worthless was released 2019. Our third full length album Lunacy Gone Astray was released 2021 and the second EP Winterhold was released January 2023 via Art Gates Records.

The flame burns in our hearts….. so, we have already finished our next full length album that will be released beginning of 2025. Sheogorath is also endorsed by ENGL Amps and Pyramid Strings.

Matej Kollar | guitars

Patrick Pazour | vocals



Winterhold – 27 January 2023 via Art Gates Records


Lunacy Gone Astray – 2021

The Feeble and the Worthless – 2019

Blackthology – 2017

Frostbitten – 2016


Far beyond the Winter Realm – 2014