Frostbitten (EP)

Second Recording

  • 01

    Death to the Ice Witch


  • 02

    Gods of War Unite


  • 03

    Ghost Bastards


  • 04

    The Rise of the Arctic Legion


    Aurora Borealis
    The northern lights herald
    The coming of the legion
    The conquerors of these lands
    With mystic flares of magic
    The sky becomes surreal
    For every living creature
    Will soon be forced to kneel

    The northern lights will soon reveal the spirits of the veil
    A legion strong, for they are many, mysterious and pale
    Invaders from the realm of ice and sailors of the fade
    The lands will burn in ice cold fire to settle this worlds fate

    Cleansed by all emotions
    The legion soon will rise
    To take this world by force
    To create a realm of ice
    The rites are almost finished
    The final ritual done
    There is no way to vanish
    What's been summoned in this land

    Wise and strong Allfather what foolishness have I done?
    A treachoury to the northern gods, to my kingdom and my men!
    A power that's not meant to be in mortal mens possession
    With my selfishness and lust for power this land is doomed in depression

    Howling winds and blizzard storms
    Biting frost to kill what's warm
    Commanding ice and ruling cold
    Destiny will soon unfold

    Miraculous marks of wonder
    Are blooming in the sky
    The conjunction of the spheres
    Tell me that the end is nigh
    How could I've ever reckoned
    My will is in control
    For this theft of forbidden knowledge
    The world will pay the toll

    There's no chance to make atonement
    I'm to blame for this lands torment
    Mankind has no way to run
    The rise of the arctic legion has begun

  • 05

    Darkness Shall Reign