Sheogorath is like video games and philosophy surrounded by barren frigid landscapes, embedded in melodic/technical Black-Death-Thrash-Metal from Vienna, Austria.

Sheogorath was founded by Matej Sack (ex – Synthesis) as a solo project with the ambition to record his musical ideas apart from any band involvement in Vienna end of 2013. Patrick David Pazour (ex – Satanic Cockrockers), a long-term friend, soon joined the project to help out with the vocals and lyrics. The line-up since then has been and still is Matej (guitars and drum programming) and Patrick (lyrics and vocals). Sheogorath has since then released a demo – Far Beyond the Winter Realm – spring 2014, an EP – Frostbitten – spring 2016 and finally their first full-length album – Blackthology – winter/spring 2017.

Currently we´re working (more or less) on our next full length album called “The Feeble and the Worthless”.







Matej | guitars and drum programming








Patrick | vocals and lyrics